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15 Best Parenting Podcasts To Improve Your Parenting Skills

Are you among those parents out there who still have parenting books that are stacked up high on the shelves that have been left unread?

Or maybe you have several parenting books lingering in your Amazon cart because you haven’t found time to order them yet.

There are vast amounts of information about parenting out in the universe, but some parents have no time to process the information.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to gather all this information is through the medium of podcasts.

Parenting podcasts have a set of different topics that you can choose from, which are all relatable and informative.

The fact that some parents might be struggling a lot in terms of raising their children, this podcast list on the best parenting podcasts could really be a great help.

Podcasts will help you a lot when it comes to all parenting issues.

The best thing about parenting podcasts is that it feels like you are sitting on a couch while having a conversation with someone.

Whether you only have a few minutes or even an hour, there is a chance for you to listen, learn, and then laugh during your travel for work, working out, or doing household chores.

The good news about podcasts is you can always continue where you left off if you do not have time to finish the episode.

Here is a list of the most informative, entertaining, and the most inspirational podcasts on the subject of raising a child.

In unarranged order- since all of these are fully subjective – below are the 15 of the best parenting podcasts.

You can also check out Christian podcasts for women as these podcasts also offer great parenting advice.

15. What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood

This podcast has been awarded as the winner of Mom 2.0 in the year 2018, Iris Award for the Best Podcast, and a finalist in the Romper’s Parent’s Choice Award year 2019, funny moms Amy Wilson and Margaret Ables give a number of nice comic relief about all the woes of parenting.

Both of them have three children with greatly contrasting styles of parenting who, by some means, discover the middle ground by the use of combined research, belief, and humorous and healthy debate.

14. The New Family Podcast

The New Family Podcast was created by the long – time editor, spokesperson, writer on parenting, Brandie Weikle.

This particular podcast honors people and families from people in different classes.

Since Brandie is a single mother with two children, she highlights the good and bad times of being a single parent and interprets not as much subject to family dynamics.

Issues discussed include growing up together with two moms, how to raise a child if a dad is in prison, how to raise preemie babies, and also about motherhood poverty.

13. AT Parenting Survival Podcast

It is a known fact that parenthood is like a huge roller coaster having several ups and then downs, frequently all in a single day and nobody knows this as well as the host Natasha Daniels.

AT Parenting Survival Podcast

She rides the roller coaster on parenting with you all of the way.

The host aims to teach parents some helpful strategies that will add new inspiration and perspective to your parenting life.

12. Good Moms, Bad Choices

Good Moms, Bad Choices

Get yourself ready for several raunchy real conversations coming from the hosts of Good Moms, Bad Choices, Mila and Erica who both describe themselves as the “two outright sex and also positive cannabis parents challenging some conventional single parenting as well as life” with episodes entitled as “Vulvacials Matter” and the “Men Are Still Hoes”, listeners can expect several adult-only topics which are total romp.

11. Manic Mommies

This specific podcast is not currently producing new episodes, but they do have 405 episodes in the vault for you to enjoy.

Kristin Brandt and Erin Kane host Manic Mommies and Kathy Surro, a parenting coach and Dr. Robert Lindeman, a pediatrician, also contributes to the show.

They give advice on helping you how to be an effective parent, though you already feel overextended and stressed.

Manic Mommies has been downloaded for more than 4 million times tells you all you need to know about this parenting podcast.

10. Marriage and Martinis

Marriage and Martinis is considered “a true marriage” type of podcast, hosted by Danielle and Adam.

Try and follow the Danielle Silverstein’s Instagram account which is full of knowledge and this podcast is also very satisfying.

Marriage and Martinis

Danielle an Adam have been married for over 20 years and are blessed with three children, but the podcast remains true about the daily struggles of parenting and still make it relatable and entertaining.

According to Danielle, both of them are really in touch with the fact that if you take everything seriously, you might lose several opportunities for hilarity, fun, and bonding- this sums up the podcast perfectly.

9. The Mom Hour

Moms Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight children between them of all ages.

That is why there they are capable of giving top notch parenting advice no matter how old your child is.

Listeners would just feel like they are hanging out with their friends and sharing all the ups and downs about parenthood.

8. Zen Parenting

Don’t confuse yourself about its name, this podcast not just a new-age type of podcast.

Todd Adams and Cathy Cassani Adams are a married couple and hosts of this parenting podcast which bring a different point of view to the standard topics you hear in parenting podcasts.

Emotions drive Cathy and on the other hand, her husband has a more logic based approach and it works really well.

7. For Crying Out Loud

For Crying Out Loud

Hosts of the ‘For Crying Out Loud’ podcast Lynette Carolla & Stefanie Wilder Taylor cover a wide scope of irrelevant and interesting topics where you have an assurance that you will be laughing while listening and learning.

Wilder-Taylor and Corolla are both entertaining all the time while they are refreshingly honest about their own personal experiences as a parent.

6. The Boob Group

From the title itself, there’s no doubt that this podcast mainly talks about breastfeeding.

It came from the media of New Mommy, together with a consultant for lactation named Sunny Gault, in the helm.

Each of the episodes includes interview experts, panel moms, and particular goals.

Though the main goal is to educate about breastfeeding, it is nonjudgmental and inclusive, with Gault asserts on supporting all mothers, it doesn’t matter how they prefer to give food to their babies.

5. Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Mom and Dad Are Fighting podcast are not actually together anymore.

But the podcast has a nice rapport and they speak about their personal parenting fails and triumphs, in an honest, relatable, and humorous way.

Mom and Dad Are Fighting

They will have guests appear on the podcast to talk about particular topics and listeners have the chance to call in to get an answer to their parenting issues.

4. Spawned with Kristen and Liz

The Spawned podcast didn’t win the best podcast for parenting in the year 2016 for nothing.

The hosts are Kristen Chase from Cool Mom Picks, and Liz Gumbinner who both keep the tone fun while they are providing practical and helpful tips on navigating through the issues of parenting.

3. The Longest Shortest Time

Hillary Frank is the host for this psychological but accessible podcast wherein there is no restriction for any subject.

The Longest Shortest Time

This podcast started with an aim to let new parents know that they are never alone, yet the podcast has now grown and developed and covers every aspect of parenting you could ever dream up.

A bonus of the podcast is the big name guests they can pull in, such as Katie Couric.

2. Little Sprigs

If your goal is to have a connection with your children and be able to maintain minimum power struggles then this powerful and informative podcast Little Sprigs if perfect for you.

Little Sprigs

It depicts interesting topics on how you can stop employing punishments and bribes to motivate, how you can raise confident kids, as well as giving importance of self-care.

Authors and experts are joining Christian Perez, the host, to share their insights about mindful and conscious parenting.

1. One Bad Mother

For light comfort (and a liberal cursing amount) from a podcast, you may check out “One Bad Mother.”

One Bad Mother

Theresa Thorn and Biz Ellis are the woman behind this calmness podcast for adults.

This describes what really parenting is- a little head- fuck and we all need some help.

Despite the free and easy vibe, the topics are all relevant, and there are guests invited to talk about particular issues and share some important sights.

Whether you are a mother who stays at home, or a working mom, or in one place or another in between, surely, you will pick a parenting podcast listed above that will be among your favorites for many years.

With just a little bit of spare time, you can ponder something about parenting, and get many perspectives on real life situations.

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