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Podcasts Like Bear Brooks

So you have finished the Bear Brooks podcast and loved it?

Fear not because you have just found the webpage to save your day, because today I am going to tell you about the best podcasts like Bear Brooks.

Mysteries, murders, serial killers, twists, these podcasts have it all and even more.

So let’s get straight into the podcasts to listen to next if you liked Bear Brooks.

Someone Knows Something

Someone Knows Something

Not all the crazy crime happens in the United States of America?

Someone Knows Something is a podcast about the cold crimes that are taking place in Canada.

Each forty-five-minute episode of the podcast Someone Knows Something features interviews with family members and relatives of the victims.

Do you know Something? Are you the ‘someone’? I hope not.

In the Dark

In The Dark Podcast

In The Dark is one of the most impactful true crime podcasts.

Hosted by journalist and reporter Madeleine Baran, the first season investigates the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling, a case that was unsolved for 27 years.

The second season is about the situation of Curtis Flowers, who has been accused six times of the same crime, won every appeal, but is still on death row.

It’s a perfect blend of investigative journalism, exhaustive sourcing, and nail-biting narrative.

RFK Tapes

RFK Tapes

The RFK Tapes is a podcast series that looks into the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy and is from the creators of Crimetown and Cadence13.

This podcast is so fascinating prepared to have your jaw dropped several times.

This is a very honest and well researched podcast that might still leave you wondering, what happened?

Slow Burn

Slow Burn Podcast

If you have any kind of interest in American Politics than Slow Burn is a podcast you must check out.

The host makes this podcast entertaining and fascinating all the way through.

Slow Burn is podcasting and storytelling at its finest.


Serial Podcast

If you have been in hiding for a few years you may not have discovered the podcast Serial yet, and that is good news because you still get the joy of listening to this podcast for the first time.

Serial is about as famous a podcast there has ever been and this is obviously for good reason.

Each season of Serial takes on a different story and they tell the whole story over a season.

Serial will keep you intrigued until the end, the only problem will be knowing when to stop binging!

Dr. Death

Dr Death Podcast

We’re at one of our most vulnerable when we are visiting the doctors, we basically trust them with our lives, that is why it is so scary when they turn rogue!

This is a terrifying true story that happened in Dallas, Texas.

The detail in the podcast is second to none and is told in a very captivating way, you will be hooked within 5 minutes of listening.

Phoebe’s Fall

Phoebe's Fall Podcast

What happened to Phoebe Handsjuk who was found at the bottom of a garbage chute in a luxury apartment block?

That is what the New Age newsroom is trying to figure out in this real life crime podcast.

Was this a murder, a suicide or an accident?

Join the New Age newsroom as they investigate.

Missing and Murdered – Finding Cleo

Missing and Murdered - Finding Cleo

This podcast tells the story from back in the 1970’s and it’s so sad to listen too, but the story needs to be told.

The host put in such work and dedication into their research to give you 100% the full story from all perspectives.

A relentless investigative podcast of the highest standard, heartbreaking but one of the best.


Cold Podcast

One you start listening to Cold, you are going to be addicted!

This podcast has fantastic narration, the story is laid out so well and has so much detail, it is gripping.

The story is so sad, it will creep you out, but stories like this need the attention that this podcast brings it.

Death In Ice Valley

Death in Ice Valley

Death In Ice Valley is a BBC podcast so you know you are going to get great production.

The narrators do a great job drawing you in with this well paced and organized podcast.

Listen to Death in Ice Valley and you will be hooked before you know it as it feels like you are working on the investigation step-by-step.

Did I miss any podcasts like Bear Brook?

I would love to know and give them a listen.

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