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Podcasts Like the Ben Shapiro Show

Are you looking for another podcast in you life like the Ben Shapiro Show?

You want more hard hitting facts, with brutally honest political breakdowns that can even have a little humor?

Then you have come to the right website because today I am giving you the best alternatives to the Ben Shapiro Show, whether you are looking for a fresh take or need more Ben in your life, I have you covered.

So let’s discover the best podcasts like the Ben Shapiro Show.

1. Louder With Crowder

Louder With Crowder is like a conservative daily show / SNL all rolled into one.

Steven Crowder started off as a stand up comedian, but is so much more than that now and his podcast is by far one of the best around.

This is the most entertaining, factual and hilarious podcasts on the internet, the fact he is conservative make it even better!

His Change My Mind segment is fascinating and worth watching just for that.

Never afraid to confront or debate, Steven Crowder is a must listen to.

2. The Andrew Klavan Show

The Andrew Klavan Show

If you think the world is all doom and gloom… You are probably right, but at least Andrew Klavan will have you laughing through Armageddon.

The Andrew Klavan show is full of razor sharp wit as he tackles all the topics available from race to the arts.

This podcast isn’t all about laughs though, as his political commentary is one of the best.

The laughs are just a bonus.

3. Part of the Problem with Dave Smith

Part of the Problem podcast

Dave Smith is a traditional libertarian and he is a new school pundit who is most definitely worth listening to.

Yes, he is not a traditional conservative, but a lot of his views will line up with yours.

Dave will have you asking questions you never thought of before and opening your mind to different views that arent the left wing views you will see in traditional media.

I highly recommend giving Dave Smith a chance and you will never look back.

There are plenty of conservative podcasts like the Ben Shapiro show out in the world, but these 3 podcasts are my favorite alternatives to Ben.

Did I miss any?

Let me know.

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