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What is Call Her Daddy Podcast?

The Call Her Daddy podcast is a podcast for females that deals with all the girly talk around sex, relationships, etc and is hosted by Barstool Sports

The Call Her Daddy podcast actually feels like you are just sat with your gal pals.

The hosts of Call Her Daddy podcast Alex & Sofia just had a big falling out, so I don’t know what will happen in the future with this podcast.

If you are looking for some more advice mixed in with embarrassing and hilarious tales about all things sex like Call Her Daddy podcast, then this article is going to be perfect for you.

I am going to list the most similar podcasts to Call Her Daddy so you will have non-stop “girl talk.”

1. Guys We’ve Fuc*ed

Guys We've Fuc*ed

The Guys we fuc*ed podcast is just like hanging out with the gals, if your group of girls are as crude as comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson.

Corinne and Krystyna are hilarious and will soon become your new best friends as they empowering and humorous points on all kinds of topics.

If you are into vulgar comedy you are going to love these two.

2. Girls Gotta Eat

Girls Gotta Eat podcast

Girls Gotta Eat is a no BS podcast where you might as well be a fly on the wall of a girls night out.

The girls give refreshing, useful advice, with a lot of laughs added into the mixture.

You will be hooked in no time waiting for the next episode to be released.

3. How Cum

How Cum Podcast

Comedian Remy Kassimir talks all things to do with female orgams in the funniest way possible.

She has experts from all kinds of fields from scientists to porn stars.

A real unique, fun podcast that will improve your sex life.

4. U Up?

U UP Podcast

U Up? has over 150 episodes now and is an awesome modern day dating podcast to educate you in this crazy modern dating world.

This podcast just continues to deliver gold nuggets of information that will help us understand our generation of millenials.

No matter where you are in your life, I believe this podcast will be able to help you.

U Up podcast has become a religious listen from me.

These are the podcasts most like Call Her Daddy in my opinion.

Did I miss any? podcasts like Call Her Daddy that you think should be on this list?

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