Podcasts Like Dirty John

Podcasts Like Dirty John

If you need a podcast similar to Dirty John to replace that void in your life, then you come to the right place!

Dirty John was a fascinating true story about a man named John Michael Meehan.

The story was an unbelievable one and the podcast ended up getting millions of listeners.

There were tv shows, documentaries and everything on John Michael Meehan, but today we want to know what podcasts are worth checking out after you have finished listening to Dirty John.

Here are my favorite podcasts like Dirty John.

1. Dr. Death

Dr Death Podcast

We’re at one of our most vulnerable when we are visiting the doctors, we basically trust them with our lives, that is why it is so scary when they turn rogue!

This is a terrifying true story that happened in Dallas, Texas.

The detail in the podcast is second to none and is told in a very captivating way, you will be hooked within 5 minutes of listening.

2. Serial

Serial Podcast

If you are new to the podcast world you may not have discovered Serial yet and that is good news because you still get the joy of listening to this podcast for the first time.

Serial is about as famous a podcast there has ever been and this is obviously for good reason.

Each season of Serial takes on a different story and they tell the whole story over a season.

Serial will keep you intrigued until the end, the only problem will be knowing when to stop binging!

3. Slow Burn

Slow Burn Podcast

If you have any kind of interest in American Politics than Slow Burn is a podcast you must check out.

The host makes this podcast entertaining and fascinating all the way through.

Slow Burn is storytelling at its finest.

4. The Wonderland Murders

The Wonderland Murders Podcast

The Wonderland Murders podcast takes us back to 1981 to a story where people were brutally murdered.

The story is crazy and has loads of different twists and the structure of the story is near perfect.

This is a well written and well recorded, fascinating podcast.

5. Black Hands

Black Hands Podcast

This podcast tells the true story of a family being brutally murdered in New Zealand.

Some people do argue that Black Hands is too biased, but their investigative journalism skills are impressive.

Whether you take Black Hands side or not, this podcast should enter your life at some point.

So now you should be able to replace your Dirty John hole with one of the podcasts above.

There are plenty of more great podcasts that could have made my list, but these are my top 5 alternative podcasts to Dirty John.

What do you think I missed off of the list?

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