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Podcasts Like Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Podcast is one of the greatest podcasts in the world because of the variety of guests Joe Rogan has on his podcast.

If you are still watching telly all the time rather than podcasts like Joe Rogan you are doing it wrong.

But today, let’s have a look at other podcasts that are similar to the Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan’s podcast is highly unique as he does cover every subject, but we will give it our best shot that if you like Joe Rogan’s podcast, then there is a high chance you will also like these podcasts.

1. Joe Rogan Archive

Yes, it is a bit of a cop out, but Joe Rogan has over a 1000 episodes to his podcast’s name so why not go back and start over again with all the interviewees you are interested in, it will sound brand new!

This is an old interview with the original Rick Ross and is a very underrated episode!

2. Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a philosopher and is extremely smart, he will take on all topics and does not avoid any subjects, always having an interesting point of view.

This maybe isn’t as casual as Joe Rogan and it’s lacking the humor, but there is more humor further down the list.

Sam Harris will also pull in great guests.

3. Kill Tony

Tony Hinchcliffe is a good friend of Joe Rogan and hosts the podcast Kill Tony.

Kill Tony is nothing like the Joe Rogan podcast, but it is an enjoyable podcast where audience members get picked from a hat and do a minute of stand up and then the guests normally destroy the comedian.

Joe Rogan has been a guest on this show as have many other funny comedians.

4. Legion of Skanks

If you like a laugh and don’t get offended then maybe you should give the Legion of Skanks a shot?

When on the Joe Rogan podcast they didn’t put up good performances and were on their best behavior, check out their show for their real behavior.

5. This Past Weekend

Theo Von has appeared on Joe Rogan a few times and his own podcast is not to be missed.

Theo will pull in all kinds of guests from top UFC fighters to Impractical Jokers and he is also a very funny comedian.

This sides more on the side of funnier than informative, but Theo looks like he might be changing that with interviews with people such as Amanda Knox.

Who did I miss of off my list as an alternative to The Joe Rogan Experience podcast?

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