Podcasts Like S-Town

You have now listened to and been amazed by the podcast S-Town, but where do you go next?

Today I am going to run you down the best podcasts like S-Town to fill that big hollow hole in your life now S-Town has been ripped from it.

Don’t worry too much though, there are plenty of amazing podcasts that can rival even a podcast as great as S-Town.

Let’s waste no more time and get straight into it.


Criminal Podcast

If you are looking for the next podcast to listen to after S-Town then you don’t need to look any further than Criminal.

Criminal is a storytelling masterpiece and podcasting at its finest and it’s Criminally flawless.

All crime is discussed in Criminal and they bring on a variety of different guests that help add to the show.

Each episode of Criminal you get a well-researched, beautifully told story.



Crimetown might be my favorite crime podcast of all time and is so addictive!

Crimetown is a long form podcast, kind of reminds me of the movie Goodfellas or the tv show The Sopranos, so if you like either of those TV shows you need to check out Crimetown.

Each season they focus on an individual city, which is a really interesting and unique take.

The show does a splendid job of describing the scenery and really grips you as it takes you on these extraordinary informative stories.


Accused Podcast

Accused is another remarkable true crime podcast and is very similar to S-Town & Serial.

Production and research on the Accused podcast is second to none and the storytelling is enthralling.

A no filler true crime podcast that will keep you on the edge of your seat, just make sure you have put enough time aside to listen.

Phoebe’s Fall

Phoebe's Fall Podcast

What happened to Phoebe Handsjuk who was found at the bottom of a garbage chute in a luxury apartment block?

That is what the New Age newsroom is trying to figure out in this real life crime podcast.

Was this a murder, a suicide or an accident?

Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay Podcast

The highest homicide rate in the country.

A mayor and his wife charged with extortion.

A police chief is put on trial for obstruction of justice.

Nine tragic deaths of Indigenous teenagers.

Why does it all happen here?

Dr. Death

Dr Death Podcast

What a disturbing story told brilliantly.

This is such a dark story and its just mind blowing the more you learn about the story, which is told flawlessly.

There are just so many pieces to the puzzle in this podcast and the research to pull it off is phenomenal, journalism at its finest.

If you are a binger, than Dr. Death will not disappoint you.

Bear Brook

Bear Brook Podcast

Bear Brooks is a complex story where four bodies are found in 2 barrels and there is an enigmatic killer loose on the streets.

Riveting story, beautifully told, packed full of intriguing facts.

This is one of the best alternatives to S-Town and can help replace it, you never know, maybe you will like it more?

There is my list of Podcasts Like S-Town, did I miss any?

If you like S-Town you are definitely going to love the podcasts above, so pick one and get binging!

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