Best Joe Rogan Episodes

Best Joe Rogan Podcast Episodes To Binge on in 2020

Joe Rogan is the biggest name in podcasting and has just made his $100m exclusive move to Spotify.

Has he sold his soul? Only time will tell, but there already seems to be problems about creative control and he has already had to issue a rather unenthusiastic apology.

It will be a shame if we don’t get the same product as before and to be honest, it seems almost impossible that we will, as we already know certain JRE episodes did not appear on Spotify after the switch, including his 2nd biggest episode ever.

But enough guessing about the future, today we want to find out what are some of the top Joe Rogan podcasts ever?

Joe’s been podcasting a long time, so there are enough episodes to choose from.

Let’s waste no more time as we break down the most entertaining, intriguing, hilarious and best Joe Rogan podcasts.

Jordan Peterson #877

Jordan Peterson goes deep and he is not for everybody, but I find him fascinating and if you’re a fan of the intellectual conversations Joe Rogan has then you should have already heard of Jordan Peterson.

Jordan is a clinical psychologist at Toronto university and in this episode he was being threatened for not using the right pro-nouns.

This is a fascinating conversation no matter what side of the SJW coin you are on.

This was before cancel culture really took over and Jordan Peterson was outlining the potential hazards this behavior can cause.

Dan Carlin #1041

I could listen to Dan Carlin and Joe Rogan talk all day long, especially when they are speaking about history.

Dan Carlin is so articulate and if you have any interest in history whatsoever you must listen to Dan.

You’re guaranteed to learn serious knowledge while listening to Dan and Joe always seems to ask the right questions.

No list of the best Joe Rogan episodes would be complete without Dan Carlin, I don’t think many would argue that.

David Goggins #1080

If you need inspiration and motivation there is only one man you can look too, and that man is David Goggins… If he is actually human?

Every episode of the Joe Rogan show that David Goggins is on he brings it and makes me feel like I am not doing enough to push myself.

If you have never heard of him you have got to give him a listen, David Goggins is a 1 in a billion human and this episode alone is enough to inspire you for years.

You will learn a lot about life listening to David Goggins.

Matthew Walker #1109

This podcast is ridiculously interesting and you must listen to it.

Matthew Walker maybe one of the lesser know episodes on this list, but it’s so educational on sleep, and I have never really learned about sleep before.

It’s a clear and very precise episode that taught me so much about a subject I knew so little.

Get ready for some true knowledge bombs.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson #1159

Everybody knows who Neil Degrasse Tyson is and he has never failed to deliver on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Neil is as sharp as they come and listening to him chat about anything is awesome, but when he is talking about the universe you’ve just got to sit down, listen and be educated.

Watch him speak about the flat earth theory above.

It’s a shame we can’t clone Neil one million times and put him in the education system, he would be the best teacher ever!

Elon Musk #1169

Elon Musk smokes a joint on this episode, what more do you want out of life?

It’s an interesting look into the mind of a genius, who actually knows they’re a genius.

This Elon Musk interview can get a bit cringey at times, maybe a little awkward, but it is a must watch, whether you love or hate Elon Musk.

Watch Elon gives his thoughts on AI above in what has got to go down as one of the best JRE episodes.

Edward Snowden #1368

Whether you’re for Snowdens clemency or you are against it, this is a fantastic episode on the JRE.

Edward Snowden is an incredibly smart guy and he will just educate you for this 3 hour podcast, I just sat there and did nothing but listen.

Joe Rogan just lets Snowden speak in this interview and that is why I love it.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick #1474

You do not want to miss an episode of JRE when Dr. Rhonda Patrick is on if you care about your body and health in any way because Dr. Rhonda Patrick is guaranteed to drop some serious, serious knowledge bombs.

Things you will not hear anywhere else.

They do rant a bit about Covid-19 in this episode and hopefully this won’t be a very relevant subject in a year 🤞🤞

I saw a YouTube comment about having Rhonda Patrick as a Mom is like winning the parent lottery and I can’t help thinking of that whenever I listen to her.

So, there you have it there re some of my personal best Joe Rogan episodes.

And they are all serious as well, I think it is time for Joe to understand that we are here for the interviews and not the comedy.

I love Joe Rogan, but I could think of a 100 comedians I could think of off the top of my head, I would prefer to go and see, but his JRE podcast is one of the best entertainment sources around whether that is tv, radio or podcasting.

I don’t want to rant about my opinions of Joe Rogan not being funny for a stand up comedian but he is funny for an interviewer. Next Letterman anybody?

The next few months to years will be interesting to see how much the JRE podcast will change now he has moved and technically has bosses.

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