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Best Baseball Podcasts To Gain Knowledge On Your Favorite Past Time

Roger Hornsby once said, ‘If you want to know about America’s mind and heart, then you got to know about baseball.’

Waiting to watch the next game?

Go and grab your headphones plug them in and grab your peanuts because you’re about to learn about the best baseball podcasts the world has to offer.

Or why not listen to an NFL podcast to pass the time.

Baseball Podcasts

These podcasts will keep you posted about everything going on in the leagues, you will get the latest statistics, commentary, expert opinions, and game strategies, all in one place.

Analysts and experts love the idea of podcasts because podcasts help them give a more personal touch than the existing traditional media.

Numerous baseball podcasts are there to take us closer to the game and it is easy to get lost, to help you get the perfect home run we have put together the list of top 11 best baseball podcasts.

11. Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

Buster Olney – the legend himself hosts this podcast and he is all about baseball, this podcast is one of the most popular shows and has been in existence since 1990.

Buster Olney has various segments in his show.

‘Call to the Legends’ is about interviewing retired players, coaches, and others closely connected to the game, ‘Quirkjian’ is about giving you some unusual statistics about the game and ‘Number Games’ is for you to get intrigued by the three most significant numbers for the day.

Get ready for binge-listening as it already has over 100 episodes in store for you to increase that baseball brain of yours.

10. Effectively Wild

If you are looking for an entertaining baseball podcast, then look no further.

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast is hosted by Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller, and Meg Rowley to give an analytical insight into baseball.

You are guaranteed to learn something new about baseball with each episode.

Effectively Wild will help you look into those corners of the game which you have never given a thought about before.

From serious topics to the most absurd ones, this is undoubtedly going to entertain and educate you.

9. Baseball America

Do you want to know everything that’s happening in the world of baseball?

Then you’ve got to tune into Baseball America.

It’s unique high school and college coverage will tell you who is the next possible star which is really interesting if you like knowing about the future stars of baseball.

Baseball America Podcast

It gives you complete details about all the school, youth, and draft games.

The podcast also provides an analysis of each game from the majors and minors.

Like I said if you want to nerd out deep into baseball, this is the podcast for you.

8. The Ringer MLB Show

The Ringer MLB Show podcast will demystify the biggest and the silliest baseball stories for you and it also features interviews with ringers, insiders, and media members.

It includes everyone, from the back office to the dugout, you get the personal opinions and reviews of each of these members.

Since 2016 it has been airing twice a week consistently and has more than 150 episodes in its arsenal.

7. Starting 9

If you eat, breathe and live baseball then you must check out Starting 9.

Hosted by Dallas Braden and Blogger Jared this podcast will give you a play by play analysis of the games.

You will be sure to learn a new side of the game and the players involved.

Not only is Starting 9 a very informative podcast it is also creative and hilarious making this podcast an absolute favorite of mine.

6. FanGraphs Baseball

If you want to catch up with the latest live stats and analysis then this is one of the best baseball podcasts for you.

All the baseball statistics you could ever need under one podcast.

FanGraphs Baseball

FanGraphs Baseball will give you information on batting averages, home runs, pitching records, running statistics, and on the new prospects of the game.

You will also get a detailed commentary and analysis in a round table format with the FanGraphs contributors.

5. Starkville with Jayson Stark and Doug Glanville

Starkville with Jayson Stark and Doug Glanville

Hosts Jayson Stark and Doug Glanville will bring all the trivia from the world of baseball straight into your earbuds.

They will deep dive into the most important stories as well as the most significant events which makes baseball so much fun for us all.

Treat yourself with this fun and quirky baseball podcast.

4. FadeAway: The Baseball History Podcast

FadeAway Podcast

Do you want to take a look at the history of America’s national pastime?

Then check out the FadeAway podcast which is all about bringing life to the characters and historical events in the history of baseball.

Baseball doesn’t always have to be about stats and analysis after all.

3. 30 With Murti

30 With Murti is popular amongst the New York Yankees.

This podcast is a Yankee based podcast that started in 2016, hosted by Sweeny Murti who is the most famous voice in the world of Yankee baseball.

30 With Murti

As the name suggests it is a 30-minute show each week, wherein Murti interviews the New York Yankees and others from the world of baseball.

Murti has always been a trusted source of information and no doubt that this podcast is a very intriguing listen.

2. Rotoworld Baseball Podcast

Rotoworld Baseball Podcast

This Baseball Podcast is hosted by D.J. Short, Drew Silva, and Matt Stroup from Rotoworld.

The Rotoworld Baseball podcast brings you all the information you need from the fantasy world and covers all the main topics in Major League Baseball.

Give it a try for all the latest updates and headlines in the fantasy baseball world.

1. Baseball HQ Radio

Baseball HQ Radio

Are you interested in knowing who will win the next baseball game?

Then you ought to listen to Patrick Davitt on his podcast – Baseball H.Q. Radio.

He is a die-hard baseball fan and a very intelligent analyst.

Along with the exclusive interviews each week, Patrick is sure to entertain you with all the insights from the fantasy baseball world.

These baseball podcasts have something to offer for everyone.

These podcasts offer excellent insights and updates about the game.

If you are associated with baseball be it as a die-hard fan or someone who follows the game for entertainment, then you must check out these podcasts.

Did I miss any?

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